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Information of KURIMOTO Co.,LTD

"KURIMOTO Co.,LTD" pursues the creation of prototypes and mold that can satisfy our customers. All of our employees listen to each customer's requests and problems, and we make suggestions and support from the customer's point of view. If you are considering production of prototype / mold production, please contact us.

"Idea" cherished by KURIMOTO.

"KURIMOTO Co.,LTD" is a company that departed from a very small factory. With the support of many customers and employees from there, we were able to grow the company so far. I believe this is thanks to our customers who trust us and employees who do not mind their improvement in technology.

We have made progress without stopping the step by concentrating on improving our technical capabilities and capital investment. As a result, it has become possible to receive a lot of trust and a lot of work from many customers.

We will deliver products that satisfy customers with high quality, short delivery time and low cost, and invest in the company creation that enables employees to work happily happily. I am convinced that repeating this virtuous cycle without stopping will lead to further development.

We will continue to strive to improve customer satisfaction and to bring happiness of our employees without forgetting our gratitude to our customers, our employees and the community.

KURIMOTO's management vision

Shorter delivery date / lower cost than anywhere. Being higher quality than anywhere.

"KURIMOTO Co.,LTD" manufactures high quality prototypes and prototype molds making full use of mold fabrication and latest IT (Industry Technology) that we have cultivated since our foundation. Besides being high in quality, it is also a major feature that it is short delivery time and low cost. We support one stop from data creation to production.

Company Profile

Head Office

6, Terada, Kitajima, Iwakura, Aichi,
482-0017 Japan
PHONE:+81-587-66-8801 FAX:+81-587-66-8802


6, Terada, Kitajima, Iwakura, Aichi, 482-0017 Japan


traffic guide
  • 8 minutes from the Meishin Expressway Ichinomiya IC
  • 10 minutes from Nishiharu exit of Nagoya expressway
  • 10 minutes by taxi from Meitetsu Iwakura Station
  • 19 minutes by taxi from JR Ichinomiya Station
  • 17 minutes by taxi from JR Inazawa Station
Hamamatsu Office

Parita II 202. 2, Nishiyama, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka,
432-8001 Japan
PHONE:+81-53-476-1106 FAX:+81-53-476-1107

Hiroshima Office

Crescent Nakasuji 1F 3-27-8, Nakasuji Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima,
731-0122 Japan
PHONE:+81-82-831-3711 FAX:+81-82-831-3712

Utsunomiya Office

Center’s・Bld. 4-B, 4-2-24, Higashishukugo, Utsunomiya,
Tochigi, 321-0953 Japan
PHONE : +81-28-689-8686 FAX:+81-28-689-8687

Yokohama Office Crescendo Bld. 601, 2-3-4, Shinyokohama, Yokohama
Kohoku-ku, Kanagawa, 222-0033 Japan
PHONE : +81-45-620-5433 FAX:+81-45-620-5633
Establishment September 1990
Capital stock 84.57 million yen
Representative Representative Director and President Hidetoshi KURIMOTO
number of employees 144 people(As of July 2021)
Main banks Juroku Bank Ichinomiya South branch、Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Ichinomiya branch
Settlement period June


September 1988 Started business in personal form as KM KURIMOTO Industry
December 1988 Establishment of office / factory
September 1990 Established KURIMOTO Industry Co., Ltd.
August 1999 Start of prototype mold business
November 1999 Start of optical shaping business
June, 2002 New factory established in Shimazaki, Ichinomiya City
November 2003 Change in KURIMOTO Industrial Co., Ltd. from a finite company KURIMOTO Industrial
November 2003 Start of prototype mold business
November 2003 Start of optical fabrication business
August 2005 Hiroshima Sales Office opened
January 2006 Establishment of Third Factory in Danyang Town in Ichinomiya City
November 2006 Start of metallic powder molding business
June 2007 ISO9001 Certification acquired
January 2009 Hamamatsu office opened
October 2009 Relocation of Hiroshima business office
February 2010 Utsunomiya Sales Office opened
September 2010 Hachioji Sales Office opened
April 2011 New factory established in Kitajima-cho, Iwakura city
November 2011 Business integration of Utsunomiya Sales Office with Hachioji Sales Office
September 2012 Start of cutting business
May 2014 Utsunomiya Sales Office opened
July 2014 Changed company name to KURIMOTO Co.,LTD
June 2019 Yokohama Sales Office opened
July 2019 Relocation of Utsunomiya business office

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Representative Representative director Shinji Morisita
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Utsunomiya Office Center’s・Bld. 4-B, 4-2-24, Higashishukugo, Utsunomiya, Tochigi,
321-0953 Japan
PHONE : +81-28-689-8686 FAX:+81-28-689-8687
Hiroshima Office Crescent Nakasuji 1F 3-27-8, Nakasuji Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima,
731-0122 Japan
PHONE:+81-82-831-3711 FAX:+81-82-831-3712
Business item Manufacture of Prototypes of automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment.
Design and manufacture of molds for injection molding.
Support for the design and development of functional parts for automobiles.
Company name Sanritsu Co.,Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Tatsuhiro Imoto
Establishment January 1959
Head office

3-7-11, Ishiki-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-0022 Japan
PHONE:+81-566-21-2143 FAX:+81-566-23-6308

Sanritsu Co.,Ltd.
Business Line Production of prototype parts for automobiles
Production of aerospace parts
Nursing care equipment development manufacturing

Representative greetings

Please feel free to contact us!Tel.+81-587-66-8801 8:30~17:30 Holiday / Alternate Saturdays & Every Sunday
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