Concept[Characteristics of KURIMOTO]

Higher quality and shorter delivery date than anywhere, and low cost

~ To Number One Company of 3D printing and Mold Making ~

"KURIMOTO Co.,LTD" aims at in-house production of all processes involved in prototyping,
by responding one-stop from casting of mold material to data preparation and production,
it is possible to manufacture high quality, short delivery date, low cost manufacturing Is realized.
We can respond flexibly to your request, so please leave any projects.

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Work content[Business contents of KURIMOTO]

We respond to customer's request with a wide range of technologies Technical list

"KURIMOTO Co.,LTD" starts with 17 3D printers, 39 machining centers,
We have introduced the latest equipment such as microwave molding machine, CT scanner, non-contact 3D scanner.
Using the know-how of mold manufacturing that we have cultivated since our foundation and the latest IT (Industry Technology)
We manufacture prototypes of all shapes, sizes and materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing.


Technology[KURIMOTO's technical strength]

It can not be imitated by other companies
Original technology

Since its foundation, "KURIMOTO Co.,LTD" has made efforts to improve the latest capital investment and technical capabilities, and has realized high quality manufacturing and prototyping by in-house production.
We have traded with companies in a wide range of industries, including automobile parts manufacturers, with our own technical capabilities that other companies can not imitate, and we are supporting the Japanese manufacturing industry as a shadow.
We will continue to provide new value as a good partner that customers can trust in the future.


Corporate guidance